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Stainless steel water pipe project of Hebei Hotel

Author:     Date: April 16, 2019    Source:    Focus on:

There are two main buildings with 15 floors in a hotel in Hebei Province. The planned daily occupancy is more than 800 people and the daily hot water consumption is about 60 tons. Stainless steel water pipe is required.

The following problems need to be solved in the hotel stainless steel water pipe project:

1) Stainless steel pipes and pipe fittings should not be in direct contact with cement, cement mortar and concrete. When the pipeline is concealed, anti-corrosion adhesive tape or plastic coated thin-wall stainless steel pipe shall be used.

2) When the cement mortar is used to fill the concealed pipeline, the thermal insulation material should be used to ensure that there is a gap between the cement mortar and the pipe. In order to make the concealed pipe flexible.

3) Plastic coated thin-wall stainless steel (304 / 316 type) pipe should be selected for buried, which can avoid acid-base corrosion on the outer wall of the pipe or damage to the pipe caused by sharp and hard debris. Other wrapping materials can also be used as anti-corrosion measures, such as wrapping two layers of polyethylene tape or two layers of vinyl chloride tape, wrapping two layers of asphalt paint (or epoxy resin), glass fiber plastic cloth for anti-corrosion.

4) The expansion compensation device and support (fixed support and movable support) shall be reasonably configured to control the expansion direction or compensation of the pipeline. When the straight-line length of the hot-water thin-wall stainless steel pipe is more than 10-15m, axial compensation measures should be taken. When the nominal diameter is greater than 50 mm, stainless steel corrugated expansion joint or stainless steel linear temperature compensator should be set.

5) Anti condensation measures should be taken for the thin-wall stainless steel pipe of open laying building water supply, and the hot water thin-wall stainless steel pipe should be insulated.

6) Pipes and fittings shall be supplied by the supplier. Different grades of stainless steel should not be welded.

7) The pipe and pipe fittings are all thin-walled. When connecting with the accessories such as screw mouth valve, water nozzle and water meter, the thin-walled stainless steel pipe shall not be threaded, but shall be transited through the adapter and other threaded fittings.

8) Oil stain will make rubber seal ring deteriorated, sharp objects collide with pipes and pipe fittings, which will cause water leakage. Therefore, attention must be paid during construction.

9) After the pipeline is installed and the pressure test is qualified, the pipeline should be washed with low chloride ion water and disinfected with 0.03% potassium permanganate solution.


The basic parameters required for the design of hotel stainless steel water pipe project are as follows:

1. There are several houses. Where are the pipes on each floor.

2. Number and water consumption of guest rooms: pipeline design of guest rooms, sauna rooms, hot springs, swimming pools, barrel baths, etc.

3. Whether there is a spa area, what equipment is there, and what pipes are needed.

4. Restaurants, kitchens and other places that need water together.

5. The number of floors, whether the pipeline needs insulation?

6. Equipment installation site (length, width, orientation, and surrounding buildings)

Provide the above parameters can be designed for you more suitable for your own stainless steel water pipe project.


Design requirements: stainless steel water pipe project of Hebei Hotel is required to use stainless steel water pipe.


design project

Hotel stainless steel water pipe engineering

Installation site


texture of material

three hundred and four

Pipe fittings

Tee, cross, elbow, straight, pipe cap, flange adapter, etc


Sanitary grade / Food grade

service life

one 00 year


Assign experienced engineers to provide technical training for users. The training contents include theoretical training and practical operation training, so as to ensure the following purposes: the user's operators after training , Be able to understand the basic structure, technical parameters and performance of the equipment , Master the debugging and test after installation , Master the daily operation, use and maintenance methods of the equipment.



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