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 Water separator

Water separator

Product details

Henghe information management Stainless steel water separator, using high quality three hundred and four Stainless steel material, rust proof and anti-corrosion, made by advanced punching, automatic welding, pickling, polishing and other processes, has the characteristics of stable water distribution, light and beautiful, no secondary pollution, and high mechanical strength; Pressure, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, long service life, and your room decoration harmonious coexistence.

1、 Product Description:

one Product material: three hundred and four stainless steel; two Connection mode: threaded connection; three Number of water separators: 2-10 Road.

2、 Technical indicators:

one Executive standard: Reference GA11-91 Production of "performance requirements and experimental methods for water separator";

two Seal test: pressurize to 1.6Mpa And keep the pressure 2min The total leakage amount of each connection part of water separator shall not be greater than 1ml;

three Strength test: pressure to 2.4Mpa And keep the pressure 2mim, There is no leakage in the water separator body and no deformation of the parts;

four Salt spray test: through salt spray corrosion test chamber 96h Spray test, no delamination, spalling or pitting pits;

five Opening force measurement: pressurize to 1.6Mpa When the standard dynamometer is used to measure the valve opening force, the valve can be opened and closed flexibly without jamming;

six Appearance quality inspection: there is no scar, crack and sand hole on the surface, and there is no obvious welding trace after polishing.

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Water separator

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0757-83166038 thirteen billion six hundred and seventy million six hundred and eighty-eight thousand four hundred and ninety-nine
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