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Why should stainless steel water pipes be covered with plastic? What are the advantages?

Author: Heng Hexin    Date: 2021-05-18    Source:    Focus on:

The glossy stainless steel water pipes we usually see are also called bare pipes, and there are some red or blue plastic coated water pipes. So why should we coat the stainless steel water pipes? What are the reasons?

The outer plastic sleeve can protect the outer wall of stainless steel, because it is a closed environment inside the wall with certain humidity and weak current, which may cause corrosion to the outer wall of stainless steel after a long time. Therefore, the stainless steel pipe embedded in the wall shall be protected by outer layer.

We know that the hot water supply must be transported to the place of use by heating equipment through pipelines. Most of the traditional pipelines have no thermal insulation equipment. If the insulation treatment is carried out on the construction site, the construction will be more troublesome. Thin wall stainless steel plastic clad pipe insulation pipe is a kind of stainless steel pipe covered with high-quality stainless steel pipe and covered with small density polyethylene. The outer layer of the pipe is a protective layer, and the inner layer is a stainless steel pipe. Because the insulation layer and stainless steel pipe are integrated, the process is excellent, the appearance is beautiful, the excavation of pipe pit is shallow, and the construction is very convenient, so it is very suitable for hot water pipeline and thermal insulation pipeline.

Plastic coated stainless steel pipe is widely used in : Cold water, hot water, cold and warm room insulation piping, refrigeration, air conditioning piping, drainage, ventilation piping, medical piping, etc.

Excellent characteristics of stainless steel plastic clad pipe The first one has good thermal insulation performance, reduces heat loss and heat resistance, the second has good insulation to avoid electric corrosion caused by contact of different metals, the third one is to keep moisture, keep cold, prevent moisture, prevent condensation and eliminate the noise of liquid flow in the pipe, the fourth one is to prevent wall cancer, water mud aging, tile bulge, and the fifth is corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistant.

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