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What operations should be carried out after the installation of 304 stainless steel water pipe

Author: Heng Hexin    Date: May 17, 2021    Source:    Focus on:

In daily life, We carry reach three hundred and four Stainless steel is familiar to all of us. As a kind of food grade stainless steel material, three hundred and four Stainless steel pipe has become the main force of urban water supply network. If you need to install three hundred and four Stainless steel water pipe, do you know what to do after installation ?

first The first step is Check and press each time after It is necessary to check the forming effect of clamping, and it is not allowed that the clamping pressure is not in place or the pipe is jammed seriously. Visual inspection shows that the end of the pipe fitting is closely connected with the pipe, DN25 The above pipe fittings are connected and formed, and the diameter is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the pipe 0.1-2MM The larger the pipe diameter, the greater the difference.

Part two It's cleaning. It is recommended to use the pipeline after installation 3% Potassium permanganate disinfection, it is strictly prohibited to use bleaching water for disinfection, and after disinfection, it must be washed with clean water. If it is not put into use for a short time, compressed air must be used to blow out the residual water in the pipe, so as to prevent corrosion reaction between oxygen free pipe and other media.

Stainless steel tubes are resistant to oxygen 200PPM Chloride ion 2PPM Residual chlorine corrosion. If it is carbon steel structure support, the pipeline insulation treatment is required to prevent corrosion of potential difference, and the external insulation cotton shall be wrapped for anti-corrosion treatment. Remember, do not use materials such as glue which has corrosive effect on stainless steel pipe, such as chlorine ion halogen.

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