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Why are stainless steel water pipes mostly thin-walled?

Author: Heng Hexin    Date: February 24, 2021    Source:    Focus on:

        In the purchase Stainless steel water pipe Some users think that the wall thickness of the water pipe can determine the quality of the pipe, Stainless steel water pipe The higher the quality.

   in fact, this view is wrong. The quality of stainless steel pipe has nothing to do with wall thickness. In general use scenarios, even if the thin-walled stainless steel pipe, its material strength is far enough, there is no need to worry about the stainless steel pipe burst.

   Stainless steel water pipe Whether it can work normally depends on whether it will leak or rust. This is directly related to the material, connection mode and construction technology of stainless steel water pipe. Therefore, the thicker the stainless steel pipe, the better. On the contrary, too thick pipe will only cause waste of material and construction cost.

   in fact, the current three hundred and four Stainless steel water pipes are generally thin-walled. Stainless steel water pipes have the advantages of high compressive strength, long-term use, heat and aging resistance, corrosion resistance, scale free, corrosion resistance and rust resistance. They are food grade stainless steel pipes.

   so how can we use reliable stainless steel water pipes since the thicker the better ?

   one See the connection method

   current market Stainless steel water pipe In the material, model, thickness and other aspects are different, but the connection mode is also different. The known connection methods are: double clamping type, single clamping type, assembling type, welding type, groove type, socket welding type, thread type, flange connection type, etc.

   but if we want to say that the connection mode is more reliable, it must be that the clamping connection mode of stainless steel water pipe is more reliable. Due to its convenient operation, good air tightness, reliability and durability, this stainless steel water pipe connection is the most common and most used one among the domestic stainless steel water pipes.

   two See the material of the water pipe

   although they are all stainless steel, there are still differences. For example, stainless steel pipes are mainly made of two hundred and one three hundred and four three hundred and sixteen And other materials, but only three hundred and four Stainless steel and above are suitable for water pipes two hundred and one Stainless steel and below are easy to rust. In addition to the material, but also depends on the grade, it must be food grade stainless steel pipe can be used as stainless steel pipe.

   three Installation is also important

In fact, it is not difficult to install the double clamping stainless steel water pipe. They are easy to install with the help of clamping tools, but you still need to pay attention to the details. If the wiring must be reasonably planned at the initial stage of installation, the clamping pressure must be in place when connecting the pipe fittings. When the clamping pressure is too high, do not worry that the pressure will lead to pipe burst, resulting in loose connection.

In addition, you must remember to suppress the test after installation. Only through the pressure test can it be considered complete.

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