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Construction technology of stainless steel pipe clamping and pressing connection

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(1) Installation technology of stainless steel pipe clamping and pressing

The end of stainless steel pipe fittings The U-shaped groove is equipped with O-shaped sealing ring. When installing, the stainless steel pipe is inserted into the pipe fitting, and the end of the pipe fitting is clamped with a special pressure clamp, so that the end of the stainless steel pipe and the pipe fitting shrink at the same time (the outside is small and the inside is large, and the surface is hexagonal), so as to achieve the connection strength and meet the sealing requirements.

Main installation construction technology: preparation before installation Prefabrication and processing → main pipe installation and pressure test → riser installation and pressure test → branch pipe installation and pressure test.

1. Preparation before installation

Combined with the construction site In the process of floor structure construction, cooperate with civil engineering to make reserved holes and grooves through walls and floors. The size of reserved holes or slots should meet the following requirements: the size of reserved holes should be 50-100 mm larger than the outer diameter of pipes; the depth of wall grooves of buried pipelines should be the outer diameter of pipes plus 20 mm; the width should be 40-50 mm; the upper clearance of overhead pipes should not be less than 100 mm.

2. Prefabrication

According to the coordinates and elevation lines specified in the design drawings According to the actual situation of the site, the processing sketch is drawn, and the prefabrication and pre assembly of the pipe section are carried out according to the drawing. At the same time, the support can be made in batches.

3. Main pipe installation

1) The prefabricated pipe section shall be transported to the installation position according to the number for installation.

2) The operation steps are as follows: 1) blanking: manual pipe cutter is used for small-size pipe cutting, and grinding wheel cutting machine is used for large-size pipe cutting. The end face shall be flat and vertical to the axis and burr shall be removed; ② Connecting pipe fittings and pipes: draw the length of pipe fittings to be inserted on stainless steel pipes. The requirements of Table 1 shall be met. Then the stainless steel pipe is vertically inserted into the compression type pipe fitting, and the distance between the marked line on the pipe and the end shall be confirmed. When the nominal diameter is 15-25, it is 3mm. When the nominal diameter is 32-40, it is 5mm. After confirmation, clamp the end of the pipe with a special hydraulic clamp, and complete the clamping connection of the pipe by hydraulic tools. The pressure values are 5MPa for dn25-40 and 4MPa for DN 15-20.

3) Pipe fixation: pipe clamp and section steel shall be used to fix the pipe on the wall or beam without loosening. Plastic pipe clamp can be used for pipe with nominal diameter ≤ 25mm.

4) It is strictly forbidden to produce axial bending and distortion when the pipeline is laid, and it is not allowed to force correction when passing through the wall or floor. When it is laid in parallel with other pipelines, the protection distance shall be reserved according to the design requirements, and the clear distance shall not be less than 100 mm when there is no regulation in the design. When the pipes are parallel, the stainless steel pipes in the pipe trench should be set inside the galvanized steel pipes.

5) After the installation of the main pipe, hydraulic test must be carried out. The test pressure is 1.5 times of the working pressure and not less than 0.6MPa. Manual pump should be used to pressurize the pipeline system slowly, and the pressure rise time should be more than 10min. When the pressure reaches the specified test pressure, observe for 10min. If the pressure drop is less than 0.02MPa, then reduce the pressure to the working pressure, and conduct visual inspection on the pipeline. The pipeline is regarded as qualified for no leakage, Then the subsequent civil construction can be carried out.

4. Riser installation

Transport the prefabricated riser section to the installation site The pipe sections are clamped and connected. When the riser is surface mounted, the distance between the outer wall and the decorative wall is 40mm when the nominal diameter is ≤ 25mm, and 50mm when the nominal diameter is 32-40mm. The concealed riser of the pipeline well shall be installed in strict accordance with the size of the construction drawing. Plastic casing shall be added at the place where the riser passes through the floor. When passing through the roof, the metal waterproof casing shall be used. The casing shall be 50 mm higher than the ground and roof. The pipeline installation must be carried out after the wall finishing is completed to avoid polluting the pipe. After the installation of the riser, hydraulic test shall be carried out. The test pressure and test method are the same as those of the main pipe.

5. Branch pipe installation

Transport the prefabricated branch pipe to the construction site for assembly The surface mounted branch pipe is generally laid along the wall with a slope of 2 ‰ to 3 ‰, and the slope is toward the riser or water distribution point. The plastic pipe clamp can be used to fix the branch pipe and the wall. Metal pipe clamp or hanger shall be used to fix the water hydrant or water distribution point. The pipe clamp or hanger should be set at 40 ~ 80mm away from the fittings.

The concealed branch pipe is laid in the wall groove In case of concealed laying, stainless steel pipes and pipe fittings shall not be in direct contact with cement slurry, mortar and concrete. Therefore, protective sleeve or anti-corrosion adhesive tape shall be added to the pipe. After the branch pipe is installed, the hydraulic test shall be conducted. The test pressure and test method are the same as those of the main pipe.

(2) Key points for quality control of stainless steel pipe clamping connection

1. Stainless steel pipe clamping connection

1) After cutting off the pipe, the burr inside and outside the pipe must be removed with a special file or special deburring device. If the removal is not complete, the rubber sealing ring will be cut and water leakage will be caused.

2) Before the pipe is inserted into the pipe fitting, it must be confirmed that the O-ring of the pipe fitting has been installed in the U-shaped groove at the end of the pipe fitting. It is strictly prohibited to use lubricating oil during the installation.

3) The pipe must be vertically inserted into the pipe fitting. If the pipe is skewed, it will easily cut or fall off the O-ring and cause water leakage. The insertion length must meet the requirements, otherwise the pipe will not be inserted in place, resulting in loose connection and leakage.

4) During clamping connection, the groove of the tool jaw must be close to the convex part of the pipe fitting, the tool jaw should be vertical to the pipe axis line, and the clamping pressure must meet the requirements. After the operation, the groove part should bite the pipe fitting tightly until slight vibration occurs. After clamping, the socket part of stainless steel pipe and pipe fitting is clamped into hexagon, and the gauge is used to check whether it is in good condition.

2. Connection between stainless steel pipe and wire fastener

Stainless steel pipe and valve, water meter, water nozzle and other wire fasteners must be connected with special stainless steel internal and external wire adapter It is strictly prohibited to thread the water pipe.

3. Anticorrosion of concealed pipeline

Stainless steel pipe is strictly forbidden to contact with cement, cement slurry, mortar, concrete and other materials Therefore, plastic coated stainless steel pipe should be used for concealed laying pipeline, or protective sleeve or anti-corrosion adhesive tape should be wrapped outside the pipe.

4. Setting of pipe support

Pipe clamps or hangers shall be set according to different pipe diameters and requirements The pipe clamp shall be in close contact with the pipe, but the pipe surface shall not be damaged.

1) The spacing of stainless steel pipe fixed support should not be greater than 15m, and the spacing of hot water pipe fixed support should be determined according to the pipeline thermal expansion amount and the allowable compensation amount of expansion joint. The fixed support should be set at the change diameter, branch, interface and both sides of the bearing wall and floor.

2) Plastic or rubber must be used to isolate the metal bracket or pipe clamp from the stainless steel pipe to avoid corrosion of the stainless steel pipe.

3) The steel support of the main pipe shall be cut with cutting machine and drilled with bench drill. Gas cutting is strictly prohibited.

4) The model and specification of pipe clamp must match the model and specification of pipe. It is forbidden to replace the small with large one. The nut of pipe clamp must be equipped with flat washer.

5. Pipeline installation and position of pipeline and valve shall be within the allowable deviation range.

(3) Protection of stainless steel pipe construction products

Because the stainless steel pipe is thin In construction, attention should be paid to product protection. The open laying pipeline should be installed after the completion of the preliminary project, so as to prevent the pipeline from being collided and damaged. Plastic film should be wrapped on the outer wall of the pipeline to prevent the exposed pipeline from being polluted by mortar, concrete, paint, etc.

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