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Consultant supplier of high end stainless steel water pipe 0757-83166038 thirteen billion six hundred and seventy million six hundred and eighty-eight thousand four hundred and ninety-nine
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Perfect production capacity of high-end stainless steel pipe

development history

Since the mid-1960s, western countries began to use stainless steel in drinking water treatment and distribution systems. Over the years, stainless steel pipe has been widely used in drinking water, high-rise building water supply pipe, urban water supply pipe network and other fields in developed countries such as Japan, the United States, Italy, France, Germany and so on, which has obtained very obvious social benefits and economic advantages. From the development track of foreign countries, stainless steel pipe has become a global trend, which is the trend of future texture life.

In the code for design of building water supply revised in 2003 and the code for design of fire protection system revised in 2004, stainless steel pipe is determined as the preferred pipe material for drinking water transportation, and hot water transmission is adopted

Focusing on stainless steel for 20 years, Henghe pipe industry has become a consultant customized expert of stainless steel pipe industry

In 1999, the co-founder of Henghe information pipe industry entered the field of stainless steel R & D, production and sales.

In 2013, Henghe information Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. was officially established, integrating the R & D, sales and production of high-end stainless steel pipeline system.

In 2015, Henghe pipe industry was awarded the titles of "China's new stainless steel welded pipe enterprise" and "Guangdong new stainless steel brand enterprise".

In 2016, Henghe information pipe industry won the titles of "Guangdong stainless steel water pipe professional brand" and "Guangdong stainless steel pipe growing brand star".

In 2017, Henghe Information Management Co., Ltd. won the titles of "excellent brand of Guangdong stainless steel pipe manufacturing" and "Guangdong stainless steel integrity management demonstration enterprise".

In 2018, Henghe information management industry was recognized as "national high-tech enterprise", "AAAA level standardization good behavior enterprise", "stainless steel characteristics and innovative products", etc.

Strong operation team, provide all kinds of professional technical support

  • Systematic technical training

    Every year, we organize business to factory training, regional manager on-site technical training, after-sales engineer on-site guidance, installation and commissioning.

  • Provide technical solutions

    For the key projects of new dealers, the technical support department of the headquarters can provide the dealers with engineering design scheme and budget, and authorize bidding for key projects.

  • Advertising design support

    The company's advertising design group provides design support for store image, outdoor advertising and advertising materials.

  • Offline activity support

    Every year, there are many top large-scale exhibitions and regional exhibitions at home and abroad; Regularly carry out product recommendation meeting and technical exchange in different provinces and cities.

  • Online activity support

    Professional network promotion department for the industry in various ways to put advertising, a group of we media platform colleagues efficient operation.

Hand in hand with henghecin - constant cooperation, integrity and win-win situation

Brand advantages: with strong enterprise strength and strong brand advantages, national high-tech enterprises, Guangdong stainless steel water pipe professional brand, committed to building an international well-known brand.

Strength advantages: high end equipment and strong support from the company.

Image advantage: with a unified brand image and advertising promotion strategy, more brand advantages and competitiveness.

Management advantages: to provide a unified store image and market development strategy training, to provide you with strong resource support.

Product advantages: complete specifications, excellent quality, reasonable price, help you to sell more.

Regional advantages: strictly protect the interests of regional dealers, vigorously assist regional dealers to develop the market, and prohibit cross regional sales. In case of special circumstances, the company must coordinate and approve.

Marketing advantages: provide brand-new marketing concept and dealer brand operation training service, provide scientific business decision-making, open the road of wealth for you.

Service advantages: with elite service team and professional brand planning company's full support, to solve your worries.

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0757-83166038 thirteen billion six hundred and seventy million six hundred and eighty-eight thousand four hundred and ninety-nine
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